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The Fundamentals of First Time Lawn Establishment

  1. Consider frequency rather than duration. Frequent, light irrigation cycles consistently provide more available water.

  2. Avoid wetting-and-drying cycles. Not only do you delay germination, but you reduce the percentage of the seed that germinates.

  3. Make sure the seedbed is moist late in the day. Doing so typically ensures that water is available for many hours, because night time evaporation is low.

  4. Continue consistent watering even after germination occurs. Water is just as important to young roots and developing foliar structures. Once the seedlings appear, the assumption is; the "pressure is off" and the subsequent slacking off on your duty to supply water, is an approach doomed to failure.

Temporary Rain waters evenly, consistently and thoroughly insuring, a good deep root system, and well established foliar parts.

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